Customers in the EU

Customers in the EU & EEA 

Please be aware that following Brexit you are likely to need to pay customs/duties in your own country in order to receive your order.

If you don't pay these charges, your order will be returned to me- it will be frustrating for you, and expensive for me!

Please only order if you understand and accept that these charges can occur. 


Why will I be charged customs/duties?

Following Brexit there have been a number of changes to how things are sent from great Britain to the EU. The new arrangements require taxes and duties to be paid on anything I send. This will impact you if you are based in the EU or EEA and place an order with me.

Large businesses have the resources to navigate and manage the complex new paperwork and legal compliance involved in paying these taxes in advance, which is why you might not need to do this when ordering from large companies. However it's simply impossible for small businesses like mine, and the responsibility for paying these charges unfortunately falls on the customer.

Can I still order something?

Yes- if you're based in the EU or EEA you can still place an order with me. For a while I disabled these orders because of all the problems involved, but as long as you are aware of the process it is still simple to order from me.

What will happen when I order?

The amount you pay in my studio store will EXCLUDE any tax and customs charge. As a small business it's not possible for me to collect or pay this on your behalf.

It's highly likely that you will need to pay customs/duties charges on your order. You will need to pay these to your own local service- normally your local delivery service (ie. Deutsche Post for Germany). 

You should receive a note or message from your local sevice notifying you that a charge needs to be paid, and details of how to pay. Please look out for this note, it will be important not to miss it. After you have paid, the delivery will be completed.

How much will customs and duties be?

Your local delivery service will let you know at the point where it is processed by them. It will vary depending on where you are, but if you want to estimate the amount in advance it's generally the standard VAT or GST rate of your country, plus a flat rate handling fee from your delivery service.

The prices you pay me exclude any VAT or GST, so think of it like paying the bill in two parts- one part to me, and one part to your own government.

I didn't pay the customs charge, what now?

You must pay this in order to get the package- if you don't, it will be returned to me. It will be frustrating for you, and very expensive for me!

Please let me know if this is the case- you can email me at

If this happens I may be forced to suspend shipping to the EU and EEA again, as it's an expensive process for packages to return to me.